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Key Visuals

Key visual (KV) refers to graphic elements used repeatedly in marketing communication as a part of a current marketing campaign or consistently in all materials of a brand. It is also an essential part of event marketing and is a very successful way of building the recognizability of an event and establishing the consistent look and feel for the event.

Below are a few of of our past works where a key visual was created to suit the theme of each event and implemented into their collaterals.

icube events_event collateral accop 2016 event collateral backdrop design

Asian Conference of Criminal & Operations Psychology 2016

Project Overview

For this event, the client had requested for us to create a key visual that can be adapted to the various design and marketing components for the event. With the consistent use of the key visual, it allows potential participants or participants to be able to recognize the event the moment they see the marketing collaterals.

Our dedicated designers, after taking the brief and understanding the client’s requirements, will start to develop the designs that best suit the event and meeting the client’s wishes.

IFRA APAC Branch Opening

Project Overview

The brief given by the client was to create a simple and clean design that incorporates the elements of the fragrance industry. This minimalist design was incorporated in all the event’s collateral, including the backdrop for the stage, invitation card, pull-up banners and display boards.

icube events_event collateral sfcca carnival main concept key visual

During the Duan Wu Carnival, the works of the top 3 winners of the SFCCA Heartstrings of Singapore Photography Competition were also put on display. The graphics from the carnival’s collaterals were also implemented in the photography compeititon’s collateral designs to provide a similar look and feel to the carnival, but tweaked to showcase a distinct difference in its purpose.  Graphic designs and production included the banner and information poster in English and Chinese.

SFCCA Duan Wu Carnival (2018)

Project Overview

For this project, the key visual (left) was created in line with the client’s wishes for it to be “colourful” and “traditional”. Once the key visual was decided on, the same concept and graphics were then applied to various other collateral in this project, such as the lamp post banners, street banner, stall banners and food coupons. This provided a overall concept and allowed the entire look and feel of the event to be more cohesive with its celebratory theme.

Stand-alone Designs

Alternatively, if there is already an existing design or there is no requirement for a theme, we are able to produce it to the size you require.

icube events_event collateral agilent technologies poster design
Invitation Cards
icube events_event collateral bio-rad sales meeting 2015 backdrop design
icube events_event collateral cloudera agenda outline poster design
Event Logos

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