Our Virtual Solution

Planning to host your virtual events but not sure if you should engage an events agency or a software developer? Why not both?

Skystage – the brainchild of icube events and Mezmedia, is a platform conceived out of the increased demand for technology and virtualisation of live events.


With over 20 years of experience in both corporate events management and technology industries, it allows us to provide a different perspective on virtual events. With Skystage, we are able to offer unique, sophisticated & creative event consulting, event planning and high-quality event management services customised to meet all your business needs. Whether you are looking to plan for a small-scale meeting, a high attendance conference or even a mix of both, Skystage is the perfect tailor-made solution for you. 

Skystage features: 

  • Suitable for either virtual & hybrid events
  • Works for both small or large scale events
  • Branded event website
  • Increased ROI with advertising, ticketing and merchandising
  • And so much more!

Look no further, Skystage is the cutting-edge virtual event solution for you!

Take a look at Skystage’s demo videos here:

If you are looking for a 2D platform, check out Skystage Version 1.0 here!

If you are looking for a more immersive, 3D experience, try out Skystage Version 2.0!

Check Out Our Latest Virtual Event Here:

Cloudera Sessions ASEAN 2020 | 15th October 2020

The global pandemic has truly changed how businesses around the wold operate. While data was already turning into a vital ingredient for success before COVID-19 began dominating the conversation, now it is becoming a matter of survival. As more and more aspects of our daily lives and work continue to go digital, data is the key for resiliency and continued growth especially in these uncertain times.

icube events was honoured to be working closely along with Cloudera once again in planning for the virtual event which took place on 15th October 2020 with a total of 563 attendees logging in from the ASEAN countries. With the theme “Navigating the Data Storm”, the event focus on the dynamics of driving a new approach to data so that businesses can harness the exponential growth of data to gain better insights and decisions.

The session provides us with some demos and the latest roadmap. It also allows the attendees to engage with thought leaders, experts, engineers, and evangelists and learn how to weather today’s turbulent environment. The panel discussion and sharing sessions allowed for the audience to have a greater understanding on Navigating the Data Storm.

To find out more of what we can do, check out our dedicated Skystage website to get a quote or contact us to request for a demo!