Avaya Suppliers’ Day 2013-2016

Avaya Suppliers' Day 2013-2016

Various Hotel Venues | 2013-2016

icube events was proud to be involved in the planning and management of Avaya Suppliers’ Day for 2013 to 2016. Yearly, the event had similar look and feel to keep with the branding, but also has a fresh twist on the design and decorations based on the year’s theme.

With over 140 guests and suppliers attending, this event was held in various hotel venues throughout the year and it includes utilising Avaya’s video conference equipment which allows top executives from US to make their presentations to the audience in Singapore. Finally, the event ends off with the Key and Best Supplier Award presentation where the top suppliers were presented with an exquisite glass award that is unique to that year.

Key Services Provided

Overall Event Management

Provision of Thematic Decorations & Structures

Registration Portal & Website Design, Development & Management

Registration, Hotel Reservation & Venue Management

Programme & Awards Management

Provision of Photography & Videography Services