Bank of America Merrill Lynch | Coastal Clean-Up

Bank of America Merrill Lynch | Coastal Clean-Up

Bank of America Merrill Lynch | Coastal Clean-Up | July 15, 2023

Ocean Conservancy® is a nonprofit environmental advocacy group based in Washington, D.C., United States and the organization seeks to promote healthy and diverse ocean ecosystems, prevent marine pollution, climate change and advocates against practices that threaten oceanic and human life.


The Ocean Conservancy Coastal Clean-up is an initiative dedicated to improve the beach through the collection of trash and debris that will harm marine life and the environment. It aims to reduce the amount of trash over time and the collection of data during this activity serves to educate and provide information to the public.


iCube Events is proud to partner with Ocean Conservancy® to assist Bank of America Merrill Lynch for the coastal clean-up at East Coast Park. Staffs and their family members participate in this meaningful activity at least once a year as part of their company’s Community Involvement Programme. iCube Events has been assisting in coordinating, facilitating and ensuring the safety and smooth flow of this event.


Blessed with good weather and coupled with their energetic and spontaneous attitudes, the event has been a success, with the trash collected amounting to significant amounts that will be recorded and contributed further for this initiative. It was great to see the success of the event where everyone enjoyed themselves during the activity.