Bank of America, Ocean Conservancy (US) Coastal Cleanup

Coastal Cleanup is dedicated to the improvement of beaches, coastal regions and surrounding areas throughout the world.  It aims to remove and collect data on the debris from the shorelines, waterways and beaches of the world’s lakes, rivers and oceans. This information serves to educate the public on marine debris issues and to enhance aquatic environments.

Bank of America Merrill Lynch (BOAML) being one of the major sponsor for Ocean Conservancy (US), took the opportunity to involve their employees and family in this meaningful coastal cleanup. The coastal cleanup took place along Changi Beach Park and the teams covered a distance of 3.3km along Park ( Carpark 1-7).  The group were really enthusiastic and spontaneous during the coastal cleanup and we were really blessed with good weather. The teams have collected a total of 18 bags of waste, weighing a total of 86 kg. Materials mainly consisted of plastic, rubber and styrofoam materials.

icube events was honoured to assist Bank on America with the organization on the logistics, as well as the arrangements for food & beverage. We facilitated the safety of each team during the cleanup and ensure everything is carried out smoothly. It was really great to see that everyone have enjoyed themselves during the coastal cleanup.

Venue: Changi Beach, Singapore

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