EON Reality Opening Ceremony 2016

EON Reality Opening Ceremony 2016

EON Reality Research & Development Centre | 1st Nov 2016

icube events was proud to have worked alongside EON Reality in the opening of their global research and development centre on 1st Nov 2016. The entire event was ran by icube, from the conceptualisation and venue management, down to thematic decorations which included a full-length red carpet flanked by luminiou spheres, evoking an ambience of both class and modernity. The audio & visual requirements for this event was paramount, given the nature of the company. Our AV crew worked in tandem with EON Reality’s crew to run multiple slides and displays across various projection systems.


On top of launching their R&D centre, EON Reality also launched its EON Experience Augment Virtual Reality (AVR) Software with interactive demos. The event ended with a friendly networking session at the nearby Téte-a-Téte cafe.

Key Services Provided

Venue Management

Conceptualisation of Design

Thematic Decorations & Structure

Extensive Audio, Visual & Lighting Support

Videography & Photography Services

Catering Management